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Revelation World is always on the search for good writers who have the ability to shape opinions worldwide. We are looking for new writers with attractive ideas and notions through which we can provide readers with a source of learning.

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Our aim is not to instigate yellow journalism, but rather to provide pragmatic opinions to people on subjects that matter in the contemporary era. However, authors with a sound perspective in historical events will be appreciated, and they’ll receive our support throughout the publishing of their work.

In simple words, we are looking for someone who tends to express his/her opinions in a balanced and learned manner, avoiding harsh tones and expressions.

Write for Revelation World

We want your work to flourish, and we will definitely provide you with the essential impetus to further proliferate in this domain. Once your article is accepted, you will receive productive reviews and proper feedback from our team of editors at Revelation World.

The process is extremely rewarding, and you’ll be able to publish an article which would be read by millions of people across the world including your potential clients, employers, and other publishers etc. Throughout the process, your skills will be enhanced, and you can make a difference in the industry.

What do we want from you?

Write for Revelation World Pk

Initially, we would want you to submit your resume along with an initial draft of your writing with an outline or the complete article you want us to publish. After reviewing your work for publishing standards, we will provide you with proper feedback on what revisions are to be made in your article.

Once you write for Revelation World, and your article is finalized, we will need a short introductory paragraph portraying your academic background as an author.

However, bear in mind that only original content will be accepted at Revelation World PK and we do not publish plagiarized or duplicate content.  

Read our articles to get an insight regarding our publishing style

Before submitting your article, we would recommend you read some of our latest published articles to get an insight into our preferred style of writing. Publishing your article becomes much more convenient when you follow our writing style and standards. Before writing, you have to structure and format your article to make it easy for readers to go through it. Therefore, while you write for Revelation World, make sure your piece has:

  • A proper thesis or an elucidated argument—especially for Opinion Articles.
  • An attractive and bold tone of expression.
  • Keeping in mind the interest of a specific audience.
  • Facts and figures cited with appropriate sources.

In order to learn more about writing convincing articles, you can read the following guides.

What do we publish?

We publish articles related to politics, economics, technology, books, writing techniques, psychological issues, social issues, and all trending topics. Your article must be between 700-3000 words, mainly depending upon the area of interest and its overall intricacy. You can use a convincing tone to mesmerize the audience regarding any specific topic, but this can only be done when the content is meaningful and crispy.

How to Submit?

The submission process to write for Revelation World is very simple. You just have to email your article to us at info@revelationworld.com along with your updated CV. We prefer submission in the form of google documents so that the editors can provide you real-time guidance on revisions.

Publish your work with Revelation World PK

However, you can also send us an MS Word file as well in case you consider your article to be complete. The editor will then send you’re an online google document so that any minor issues can be resolved.

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