Why is WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy Experiencing Backlash?

A ton of memes had been surfing around all the social media platforms since WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy has been introduced. The memers are continuously taking a dig at Mark Zuckerberg for invading their privacy and are savagely trolling WhatsApp head quarters. This has sparked a hilarious meme fest on the internet.

However, a few actually know the WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy saga. WhatsApp’s newly announced policy states that the data of the users of WhatsApp will be now shared with the parent company, Facebook. This all of the sudden caused an outrage among the “consumers” of WhatsApp and resulted millions of people ditching WhatsApp and installing the substitute platforms. The leading social media platforms gaining from all the controversy are Telegram and Signal. Telegram announced on its twitter account that it gained 25 million new users just in 72 hours. The second most installed app was signal. Elon Musk suggestion of using Signal as well helped Signal gain further popularity.

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The change in WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy in real terms is no big deal as all the users of Facebook and WhatsApp already sharing their information with the application. Facebook and WhatsApp already have the user’s numbers and their locations estimated from their internet connections. The WhatsApp and Facebook use this information to make sure their app works properly and maintain their popularity and to advertise various items. This is not done by only Facebook and WhatsApp, as all the apps available on Play Sore for free receive a large revenue from their advertisements.

Finally, to clear the air WhatsApp had to release another statement to explain its policy “changes”. WhatsApp explained that it is only using the information to the businesses to do an effective advertisement. And it is not actually peering into the chats and call of the users.

The argument on whether to use WhatsApp or not after WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy has caused damage to WhatsApp and gave gains to not only the substitute to platform but as well the memers. The meme pages grew amidst all the issue.

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