What’s the Right Way to Take Online Classes in Pakistan

Online classes are the dawn of new-age education that has taken 3rd world countries like Pakistan by storm. It is a commonly known fact that necessity is a mother of invention.  Similarly, this desperate situation in pandemic has forced our IT industry to jump-start such an initiative that would be otherwise not possible.  Universities, colleges, and schools are now adopting new online LMS(learning management systems) to cater to online education requirements.

It is perhaps one of the few silver linings of COVID-19 that has changed the world we live in. In Pakistan, distance learning programs can help prevent loss of education due to the closing of institutes. As the situation is improving by God’s grace and effective planning of government we will have hopefully, regular face-to-face sessions.  But the importance of online education will not decrease.

“Educational institutions across the country will reopen from September 15”

– Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood

Online Classes Pros and Cons

As the education system is online so there is not much time restraint. Time spent on traveling to respective intuitions is saved. Fuel preserved is good for the environment and most importantly it is safe considering the pandemic situation.  There may still be financial or technical issues regarding internet facility for that make sure you contact your teachers and discuss it with them. Make sure the lectures are recorded as they can be accessed at any time with convenience. 

Successful Online Learning Strategies


Most of the time students think of an online class and deem it temporary or unimportant. Something to pass time and that’s it. That is not accurate. The right mindset is necessary to go with 100% determination in the class. The aim of the student should be to learn and absorb as much as they can. Yes, there are shortcomings in the delivery of lectures by teachers, but our youth must consider the age factor of faculty.  They are not that comfortable with technology as we are.

Right tools

Even with all the preparation, a task cannot be completed with a lack of the right tools. And what’s the most important aspect of an online class? Internet connectivity.  Make sure to invest in a good internet connection.  Be prepared for the loss of connectivity and arrange mobile data etc. for back up.

Getting Ready

If you have class at 10 in the morning, then you don’t get up at 9:55 am and take the class. You would not understand a word of the person on the screen. Your body needs its nutrition and time to adjust. The brain is not a simple machine that can be switched ON and OFF at will.  As aforementioned the right mindset is key to success.  Get up two to three hours early. Eat your breakfast. Do some exercise or house chores. Something to get your body going.  Revise your previous work.

Optimal Environment

The right environment is everything when comes to the online class. Can you imagine a classroom with no sense of discipline? Students sitting in whatever position they like, and some are lying on the floor? This is absurd. Similarly, you can’t take your online class while lying in your bed in pajamas eating a bowl of snacks.

Arrange a quiet place in your house. Silent your mobile phones. No browsing social media while you are in the class. The world won’t end if you don’t view notification for a few hours. Sitting on a chair and desk is preferable as it will signal your brain “its time to study”. Gather all your notebooks and stationery in one place. Now you are ready.

During Online Course

Etiquettes in our life play an important role. A fine life can’t be lived with a lack of it. During class do not prank your teachers. And whoever does this and tries to be a class joker be sure to stop that person. These pranks hurt your teachers that are making an honest living and a waste of time. The time that is wasted is gone forever. Be attentive and engage with your teacher. Online classes tend to be monotonous. Try to participate in class to keep things active.

Regular Homework

Consistency is the key to success.  Make sure you turn in all your assignments and homework on time. Working from home makes one more prone to procrastination. So, it is necessary to finish work in time, so it doesn’t pile up.


Finally, we all should have a positive attitude towards the changing times. Even though the quality of education is not up to par but the enthusiastic approach towards it would solve many problems. Leave the victim mentality and drive the situation rather than letting it drive you.  Help your teachers and fellow students who are struggling with online setup. And if you follow all the steps mentioned above you will ace your class.

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