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The Top Realtors in Islamabad for Real Estate Advice

Previously no one really knew about the top realtors in Islamabad as Real Estate in Pakistan has long been considered as an informal business with traditional uneducated dealers having monopoly over the market. However, the traditions have started to change with a number of educated and professional realtors who have started providing real estate services in the market. These professionals are trained to provide investors with the best real estate advice according to their specific needs.

Here is a list of the top realtors in Islamabad who are providing the best real estate advice for investors to gain maximum profits out of their investment.

Hassan Talal Sahi

Hasan talal Sahi

After working in multiple real estate organizations, Hassan Talal Sahi is now known as one of the top realtors in Islamabad. This real estate professional has worked day and night to provide investors with the best real estate investment opportunities for maximum profits on their investment.

He has currently set up a proper platform for real estate business in Pakistan through his company Makeen Marketing. He has employed more than 50 real estate sales and Marketing Employees to work towards revolutionizing the real estate sector of Islamabad. A strong digital marketing strategy is being pursued by Mr. Hassan Talal Sahi to provide value to the real estate sector and attract international investments in Pakistan. You can contact him at 0332-5102085.

Syed Asjad Hussain Shah

Syed Asjad Hussain Shah is the second most trusted realtor in the market, with a strong reputation in the market. He is considered to be one of the top realtors in Islamabad as he has worked with a number of real estate agencies in Islamabad, and possesses a sound understanding of the real estate business in Islamabad as well as Jhelum City.

Asjad Shah

Therefore, he has managed to open access for Jhelum locals to the real estate sector of Islamabad. In addition to this, Syed Asjad Shah has worked with the top realtors in Pakistan, and he has endeavored to establish a platform with Makeen Marketing to enable sellers to meet potential buyers in Islamabad. You can contact him at 0316-5500076.

Hamza Yaqoob

Hamza Yaqoob

Graduated as an IR student, Hamza Yaqoob has also made a decent reputation in the real estate industry and added into the list of top realtors in Islamabad. He is currently the Marketing Head of a real estate firm in Islamabad, and continues to write about real estate trends, tips, construction tips, and much more. The Makeen Marketing Blog Page has become an exceptional resource for real estate buyers and sellers in Pakistan all because of the efforts made by Hamza Yaqoob. You can contact him at 0345-0581954

Muhammad Umair

Muhammad Umair has worked tirelessly in the real estate sector of Pakistan for almost 2 years straight and made his way into the top realtors in Islamabad. He has developed strong expertise in selling plots on Installments in Islamabad, and he is working towards becoming much more proficient in Islamabad’s real estate industry. He is currently linked with Makeen Marketing as a Business Development Manager and working to provide investors with the best investment advice in Islamabad. For real advice, you can contact Muhammad Umair at 0331-5444951.

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