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This is How Pakistanis Reacted to ISPR Song on Bleeding Kashmir

Kashmir and Lockdown

Kashmir is considered as the jugular vein of Pakistan. Citizens of Pakistan faced a big blow when the neighboring state of India revoked Article 370 and 35A. RSS war mongering ideology of current Indian government is responsible for a yearlong prevalent lockdown in Jammu and Kashmir. In this past year, Indian atrocities on innocent Kashmiri people have increased to this point where they have taken away their basic right which is freedom of speech.


Inter-Services Public Relations or popularly known as ISPR is the Public Relations wing of the Pakistan armed forces. The sole purpose of ISPR is to disseminate information regarding the military and produce content related to Pakistan’s armed forces along with establishing the narrative of the state. The fund for ISPR is generated by Pakistan armed forces themselves and all content is disseminated after careful observation by military personnel and a dedicated team of experts.

ISPR has been really active after the past decade where its popularity has increased rapidly among general public. It is responsible for various media related projects such as Hilal Magazine and ISPR Productions.

Ja Chorh De Meri Wadi

I was recently a part of the song Ja chor de meri wadi by Shafqat Amanat Ali which is an ISPR production. The song is dedicated to Youm-e-Istehsal, highlighting the Kashmir uprising, their suffering, and the human rights violations by the Indian Army. The shootings were held at various mountainous locations to imitate the Kashmiri atmosphere and spirit of their youth. The production quality was up to the mark and shootings were done professionally. Resources used by the production team were very well organized and well managed.

Are songs enough for Kashmiri Freedom?

Firstly, ISPR is not the fighting wing of the armed forces, it is a public relations wing whose job is to produce digital content, and the fighting arms are doing their part of defense on borders! You don’t expect an actor to fight battles and an armed soldier to act in movies.

Secondly, this song was met with negative criticism by some individuals who attempted to identify that making songs will not contribute to the freedom of Kashmiri people. I respect their opinion, but one thing that is worth researching is information warfare, in today’s era you don’t just fight with your troops but you fight with your pen and you fight with your digital content, and such content becomes a part of history.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

― George Orwell

Therefore, such content helps newer generations to understand the severity of such conflicts. A lot of information is lost in the sands of time if proper historical elements don’t exist to form an information bridge between generations. The efforts of ISPR are the sole reason why an ex Indian general (Lt Gen (R) Syed Ata Hasnain) lauded ISPR for its activities pertaining to information warfare with effective content ranging from songs to documentaries.

Hybrid information warfare utilizes all means of communication mediums, hence, making songs and documentaries is not a foolish step rather it is an effective tool in becoming the voice of oppressed Kashmiris. For those saying “Hamaray tax ke paison se ganay ban rahay” I have explained above on how Pak armed forces generate their own funds for their projects and resources utilized in these projects are well managed and well organized. If you still think otherwise, your opinion is still respected.

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