Sindh Assembly Passes a Resolution in the Aftermath of IG Sindh’s Kidnapping

Day after the PDM’s Karachi Jalsa, Capt (R) Safdar Awan was arrested from his hotel room, where he was with Maryam Nawaz. He was arrested by Sindh police through a raid at the hotel room in the morning. The day before, an FIR was filed against him for violating the sanctity of Quaid-e-Azam’s mausoleum. A video went viral, in which Safdar was clearly seen chanting “Vote ko izzat do” and “Madar-e-Milat Zindabad” at the grave.

The Legal Case

The FIR (No. 591/20) was filed under sections 6, 8, and 10 of the Quaid-e-Azam tomb Protection & Maintenance Ordinance of 1971. Article 506-B and 427 were added on behalf of Waqas Ahmed (nephew of PTI’s Haleem Adil). Maryam Nawaz was also nominated in the FIR along with 200 workers, but Safdar was arrested only. After the arrest, the Sindh government informed PDM leadership that IG police were kidnaped at 4 AM in the morning and was forced to sign the arrest warrant of Safdar.

State Within a State

Capt. Safdar got bail after 10 hours of arrest, but the incident got highlighted not only nationally but internationally as well. International media highlighted the issue and reinforced Nawaz Sharif’s narrative of State within a state. In the evening PDM leaders held a joint press conference and condemned the arrest.

“PPP double-crossed PMLN!”

Whereas, the federal government along with many of PTI’s provincial and national assembly members started celebrating it. They pretended IG Sindh was behind the arrest. People like Shehzad Akbar (advisor to PM), Haleem Adil, and Ali Zaidi started a campaign to prove that IG was behind the arrest, People’s Party discarded PMLN and denied the fact that any federal institution was involved in it. Senior anchorperson Kamran Khan also added insult to the injury and claimed the same. “PDM internal politics started, Maryam, next time think before accepting invite of visiting Sindh. Irrefutable sources have claimed that IG Sindh Mushtaq Mehar was happily involved in arresting Capt. Safdar along with other senior officers. The story of kidnapping was fabricated to relax Maryam Nawaz”.

Kamran Khan tweet

“We are on leave”

After the claims made by government officials and senior anchor person Kamran Khan, Sindh police responded and protested in a unique way. Around 60 senior police officers, including IG Sindh police submitted their applications of two months vocational leave. Police officers claimed the recent incident was an insult to the Sindh Police and demoralized us. In such situation, it is difficult to continue service. 

Sindh Police leave request

“Warning: Don’t Dare to Refute my News!”

After the response of Sindh Police, senior anchorperson Hamid Mir turned to Twitter and warned Kamran Khan to not refute his version of the news. “Yes, you want to say something? Your so-called irrefutable sources called me as well and said the same and you wrote it without testifying. Ask them about my response and don’t dare to deny my news on the basis of those sources”, he said. Remember, Mir was the first media person who confirmed the news.

Hamid Mir tweet

COAS Ordered Investigation

After the response of the police, the Army chief intervened and ordered core Commander Karachi to investigate the matter. After the COAS order, PTI ministers and officials rather than accepting their mistakes came up with another lame justification that Sindh police officials gave applications on the orders of Bilawal Bhutto. Federal Minister, Fawad Chaudhry turned to Twitter and categorically stated that the response of Sindh police was directed by Bilawal house.

Sindh Assembly Passed a Resolution in Favor

After the COAS action, many refuters and supporters stopped commenting on the genuineness of the PDM version of the story and accepted that the injustice has happened to Sindh police. It was a clear violation of the law, and it was the only reason why the issue got highlighted in international media. Otherwise, it wasn’t the first time Capt (R) Safdar was arrested, the outrage was because of the method adopted.

It was clear that the sole purpose was to humiliate Maryam Nawaz, but in the process, the forces behind this incident humiliated the whole police force as well. Sindh government apologized to the PDM leadership for the incident and in support of police, they brought a resolution in provincial assembly which condemned the humiliation of Sindh police. Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani twitted the copy of the resolution and claimed “Sindh Assembly has unanimously passed a resolution to support Sindh Police”.

Saeed Ghani Tweet

Nawaz Won in his Claims

The whole episode condoned Nawaz Sharif and strengthened his narrative that there is a “state within a state” in Pakistan. The behavior of government officials and PTI leadership was orthodox and that was unprofessional.

They just provoked the controversy and that again in such an unprofessional way that it helped the PDM. PM Imran Khan Niazi was seen nowhere in this episode. As usual, he just gave a few statements. Anyways, it is the duty of every law-abiding citizen of Pakistan to at least condemn the injustice.

There are three levels of faith, first is using arm against the injustice, second is using your words and the lowest among them is to condemn it in the heart.

Imam Hussain (A.S)
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