Pakistani and Belarusian girls share culture on Instagram

Acknowledged by a large number of tourists and foreigners from all across the world, the Pakistani culture and hospitality is completely unique and unparalleled. Pakistanis tend to welcome everyone with an open heart, and a pure sense of love and care. Recently, a Belarusian girl became yet another foreigner who has been inspired by Pakistanis and their splendid warmth and endearment.

Pakistan is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, with an array of breathtaking landscapes including glorious mountain peaks, lush green suburbs, sandy deserts, and mines with quality minerals. However, there’s one more aspect which has made Pakistan one of the top tourism-friendly nations in the world—the hospitality of Pakistanis.

Being inspired by this aspect, a Belarusian girl named Estelle decided to learn about Pakistan and its lively culture by starting a blog with Javeria who is a Pakistani student from Islamabad. With their funny and entertaining content, the Pakistani and Belarusian girls Javeria and Estelle have started winning the hearts of Pakistanis and Belarusians who have started following this blog on Instagram.

Pakistani and Belarusian beauties share culture on Instagram: How did this happen?

Both Javeria and Estelle are trying to exchange cultural knowledge and information regarding each other’s food, clothing, rituals, habits, language, customs, and traditions. To the surprise of many, these two beauties have experienced many cultural shocks, yet they preserve in their goal to learn as much as they can in an attractive and entertaining way.

As this blog has just started a few days ago, therefore not many people are aware of this unique venture. However, with time the popularity index of this blog is expected to rise depending upon the rate of consistency and innovation added to the uploaded content. In any case, this is surely one step that is likely to project the true spirit of Pakistani culture and traditions as opposed to the fake political propaganda infused by western media against Pakistan around the world.

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Hamza Yaqoob

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