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Government announces plans to eliminate NOC requirement for high-rise buildings [2020]

Islamabad— The government recently announced plans to remove the NOC, or No-Objection Certificate, the requirement set on the construction of high-rise buildings throughout the nation. This includes the removal of NOC requirements on multi-story or high-rise buildings situated near airports in at least 5 major cities including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, and Peshawar.

According to Hasan Bakshi, a member of the PM’s Task Force on Housing, the Naya Pakistan Housing, and Development Authority has sent a recommendation to the federal cabinet to amend laws pertaining to the NOC requirements placed on developers. As per the law, developers would have to acquire NOC permits from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as well as the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in order to build multi-story buildings within a 15.2-kilometer radius of the airport.

Bakshi, added that the government has already rolled-back the condition for acquiring NOC for plots beyond the 15-kilometer radius.

Moreover, the former chairman of ABAD also added that the PM would is pushing for authorities to pick up the pace of work on the construction and development of housing societies—especially low-cost projects.

The PM promulgated the idea of setting up low-cost housing in his election campaign stressing the fact that the development of housing societies would be momentous in creating jobs. Moreover, he has cut taxes on housing project construction as well as granting a PKR 30 billion subsidy for houses to be owned by the low- and mid-income strata.

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What is an NOC?

Before we discuss the implications of this, let’s discuss what a NOC form is and why it is an important stepping-stone in the construction process. As we mentioned early, NOC is an acronym for a no-objection certificate. This is essentially a document issued by the government’s construction and development regulatory bodies.

With the issuance of this document, an individual or company can go ahead with the construction and development of their plot of land.

So, why exactly is this document so important? Failure to acquire a NOC means the building project may not receive amenities such as water, gas, and electricity from local authorities. The no-objection certificate is also a great way to prove that your building project is safe from any natural or expected hazards.

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