Makeen Marketing — The Leading Real Estate Agency in Islamabad

Today let’s give you an overview of a leading real estate agency within the vicinity of Islamabad: Makeen Marketing.

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. In recent years, Islamabad has seen the development of multiple societies on its land. The housing societies and real estate agencies cash their product in the name of Islamabad. Islamabad is perceived as a brand by them. 

Real estate agencies are like any other business. They deal with buying and selling of the land, homes, or buildings.

What Does Makeen Mean?

The word Makeen has its origins in the Arabic language. Now it is a term Urdu language as well. The literal meaning of Makeen is a dweller, resident, or a house owner.

Introducing Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd

Makeen Marketing Private Limited is a real estate company. It has a legal license to operate in the sector. The formation of the company had the aim to redefine the real estate market in Islamabad. And to introduce novel real estate practices in Pakistan and bring revolution to real estate in Pakistan.  It provides trusted real estate consultancy to clients. 

Mission and Vision

Makeen’s motto is “Guiding Your Investments Home.” As the name implies, the mission is to assist people in steering their investments in the right direction. Makeen Marketing will encourage you to only invest in ventures in which it is a licensed dealer. So, if an agent guides you to invest in Nova City, he is authorized to do so.

The company aspires to create a healthy and stable atmosphere for real estate investment in Pakistan. “Ab Har Pakistani Bane Ga Apne Ghar ka Makeen,” says another Makeen slogan. It has the vision to reach out to the masses and establish itself as Pakistan’s best real estate business. 

Makeen Owners

Makeen Marketing’s CEO and founder is Hassan Talal Sahi. He has comprehensive knowledge of Pakistani real estate and plans to transform and redefine it. Syed Asjad Shah, the co-founder, is also the sales head.


Makeen Marketing started with its head office in PWD Islamabad. It’s on the first plaza of the main PWD Road. 

It launched its second office in F-11. It is on the Second Floor of the Hamza Plaza, and the office number is 7.

Makeen’s Projects

Within a brief time span, Makeen Marketing can develop itself and make a name for itself. The company has gotten its hands on a range of high-profile real estate ventures in Islamabad. Blue World City, Capital Smart City, Islamabad Model Town, Grand Royal Millennium Heights, Nova City Islamabad, and The Life Residencia are some of the projects assigned to Makeen. 

Makeen Marketing is also working on a project in Lahore called Lahore Smart City.

Careers Opportunities at Makeen

Through its platform, Makeen Marketing encourages young and educated people to enter the real estate market, build skills, learn, and earn. It currently has vacancies for a Business Analyst and a Sales Manager. Aside from that, it provides both paid and unpaid internships to help people progress their careers.

Contact Them

At Makeen, you can get the best and most reputable real estate agents to help you guide your cash to the right place. You can go to Makeen Marketing’s website and look at its agents’ pages to know about our agents. After that, you can communicate with the agent of your choosing. The contact information is as well displayed on their website.


The evolution of Pakistan’s real estate market has been observed in recent years. Pakistan’s real estate market was once thought to be dominated by senior citizens who were mostly illiterate. However, the industry has advanced, and there are now many real estate websites and marketing companies in the market. However, be wary of real estate scams before trusting any agency.

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