Makeen Marketing is Revolutionizing Pakistan’s Real Estate

The world of real estate may seem like something simple and mundane on the outside but it a whole new dimension on the inside. Real estate is by definition the buying and selling or the dealing of property by licensed property dealers or real estate agents. However, real estate is much more than that. It is not simply the buying and selling of houses but it is a different experience altogether.

When you are a real estate agent in Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd and you are selling a house to your client, your aim is not only to sell them a house and make money but it is also to find what fits their needs the best and how to make their lives easier. Just like any other profession in the world, real estate is also about satisfying others and making them happy.

In real estate, if a client has certain preferences when it comes to buying a property, which can be for personal or professional purposes, it is important for the agent to first see what are the client’s requirements and lay down offers according to that.

If a family of four, 2 adults and 2 kids, is looking for a simple place to live which is close to the park for kids and in a secure area where the family is safe and not cut off from the rest of the world, it is the job of the Makeen Marketing agents to find something that fits the description of what the client has told them.

The best thing to do is to consider what the client wants and then find suitable or relevant options (more than 1) to show to the concerned parties and see what is best for them. Once, the client has picked a property they like keeping in mind all the perks that come with it, it is time for the negotiating to start.

In real estate, negotiation happens on both sides. This means the client will negotiate according to their terms and so will the real estate agent. The client keeps in mind all the expenses that they need to cover along with other factors that involve the family as well.

The Makeen Marketing agent however needs to keep in mind the interests of the potential client as well as the interests of the company they are working with. This is why there is more pressure on the agent to cut a good deal in housing societies such as Capital Smart City that satisfies all the parties as well as provides a valuable commission for the agent themselves.

So even though the world of real estate may not look like a fruitful career or something that many people like to do, it opens up great opportunities for a large number of people. This business not only benefits the real estate agencies that are involved but also the clients or customers that are in need of help. You never know, your simple gesture of helping someone might end up with them finding the right place to live.

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