Learn to Rise After Falling in Love

I still remember it was a warm sunny day on a Saturday afternoon in my village. I connected with some of my old friends and we decided to go swimming in the nearby lake. I picked up my swimming essentials and headed over to my friend’s house.

We reached our destination and climbed on a nearby cliff to jump off into the river. As I knew nothing about swimming, I was faced with a dilemma to either move back from the challenge or face it upfront. I foolishly decided to follow my brazen instincts and jump in the river.

Maybe a coincidence, but no one jumped in my direction and I was alone in the deep waters of the lake. I tried a lot to keep myself above the water, but as hard as I tried, I kept drowning. Luckily, a friend realized that I was missing. He found me out and saved me from drownings. For years to come, I used to ask this question, “Was it worth it to jump?”.

“Oh world, hear this, the streams of love ends in the salty ocean! My Lord, I wish to rise from this salt!”

― Preeth Nambiar

Now I had this same experience almost 10 years later when I fell in Love. This time I reluctantly followed my brazen instincts to jump again, thinking everything would work out. I was wrong! When it couldn’t work out, I felt like I was drowning and blamed everything on the lake. It was the lake who was drowning me.

But I had time to contemplate over the experience and realized that the situation needed reflection. I realized that the love I had developed was not dependent on things working our or not; it was a pure source of bliss to see the lake in control and to keep its waves filled with joy and jubilancy.

My patience allowed me to save myself and separate myself from the lake while watching it every day from afar. I realized that love is something that can only be felt from afar. I fell in love with the beauty of the lake when I was outside. Going inside almost drowned me to death. Therefore, it’s important to understand that you can still rise after falling in love. Only if you have the courage to step aside and feel that love from afar.

So finally! I’ll ask the lake a simple question:

Can You Drown Me More Now?”

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Hamza Yaqoob

Hamza Yaqoob is a Pakistani author and journalist. He is an IR Graduate with expertise in South China Sea affairs. He is the Editor-in-chief of Revelation World PK, and currently working as a Senior Technical Writer at a Real Estate firm in Islamabad.

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