#IstandwithKhwajaAsif Trending on Twitter: Here’s Why!

In a recent speech at the National Assembly, Khwaja Asif (A Prominent PML-N Leader) came forward to support the rights of minorities in Pakistan. However, his words sparked dissent in the ranks of Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) followers.

Khwaja Asif recently came forward in support of minorities in Pakistan, stating that our constitution fully supports minority rights. This speech came after the recent Temple construction issue in Islamabad. According to some religious factions in the country, Hindus should not be allowed to build their Temple in the Capital city of Pakistan.

Khwaja Asif says two-nation theory emerged because Muslims were persecuted in India.

However, the PML-N leader from Sialkot refuted this idea and cited the speeches of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. According to Khwaja Asif, “No religion was superior to the other under our constitution”. These were the specific words which were used a pretext to defame and malign the senior politician.

The hashtag #istandwithkhwajaasif has been trending on Twitter ever since, and thousands of Pakistani’s have supported Khwaja Asif on his remarks.

This act has sparked an outrage even in the people who had voted for Imran Khan in the 2018 General Elections. Many social media influencers are claiming that with such events the country is moving towards intolerance and extremism.

In such a situation, politicians in the government have a responsibility to come forward and address these issues. However, only a few government ministers have come out in support of Khwaja Asif. This exhibits a sad and grim reality regarding the current situation of minorities in Pakistan.n

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Hamza Yaqoob

Hamza Yaqoob is a Pakistani author and journalist. He is an IR Graduate with expertise in South China Sea affairs. He is the Editor-in-chief of Revelation World PK, and currently working as a Senior Technical Writer at a Real Estate firm in Islamabad.

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