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A Rundown of the Latest Infrastructure Developments in Islamabad| 2020

Islamabad is dubbed one of the most scenic cities in Pakistan. This artfully planned city is a beautiful blend of urbanization and nature. Citizens of the Capital have seen transformative efforts in the form of infrastructure developments in Islamabad.

The city falls under the jurisdiction of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) which is on a perpetual quest to make the capital the ideal place to live. In the last couple of years, the municipal organization has taken strides to transform Islamabad into a city that can match first-world cities. Some projects they have worked on is the introduction of the Bus Rapid Transit System. This has made the city a lot more accessible to its residents.

Let us have a look at the latest infrastructure developments in Islamabad.

Rawal Dam Chowk

Rawal Dam Chowk

The first of the infrastructure developments in Islamabad is the construction of the Rawal Dam Chowk. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) started its work on Rawal Dam Chowk in December of 2020. The project entails the construction of two underpasses and one flyover over a period of 2 years. This is a completely CDA- financed project; costing approximately Rs. 1150 million.

Of the two underpasses, one will connect Park Road to Murree Road which the other connects Faizabad to Margalla Town. This will greatly facilitate residents of the Margalla Town and Margalla Orchard Scheme.

Construction of PWD Underpass

Construction of PWD Underpass

Apart from working on the Rawal Dam Chowk another one of the infrastructure developments in Islamabad that CDA has been busy with is the construction of the PWD Underpass.

Earlier this year, the CDA was offered bids from Maqbool Associates and Calsons— Rs 628.5 million for the Korang Bridge and Rs 428 for the PWD underpass. Both these bids were thought to be less than 20% of the total estimated cost of each project.

Thus, the funding for these projects was acquired from the Public Sector Development Program— nearly Rs. 160 million. Right after the funds were released, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) announced the commencement of the construction program.

The importance of this underpass is immense: hundreds or thousands of motorists who travel on this route on a daily basis find themselves stuck in traffic for extended periods of time. The PWD underpass is the answer to this problem.

Ring Road Construction

Ring Road Construction

Another one of the latest infrastructure developments in Islamabad is the construction and development of the Ring Road. The project is said to stretch over 65.5 kilometers starting from the National Highway (N-5) and ending at Margalla road in Islamabad.

Ring Road will provide the residents in the surrounding areas with ease of access to the twin cities— promoting connectivity. Moreover, an economic hub is being created along the ring road as a step to buttress the business community present in the area. According to the municipal organization, Special Economic Zones will be created to include educational institutes, recreational complexes as well as healthcare facilities, and commercial zones.

The construction and development of Ring Road are speculated to help the integration of Rawalpindi and Islamabad by creating a strategically placed economic zone in the middle.

These three infrastructure developments in Islamabad will not only make it easier to get around but will ultimately increase the value of the surrounding real estate. Take the example of the Ring Road— such a large infrastructural project surrounded by 10 economic zones is will have a positive effect on the properties surrounding it. One such property is the esteemed housing society, Blue World City. Ring Road is a game-changer for Blue World City in 3 major ways: by increasing accessibility, the creation of a business hub, and through the elevating of the real estate value.

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