Imran Khan calls Osama Bin Laden “Shaheed” and This is How Social Media Responds

PM Khan on his speech in National Assembly on 25th June 2020, highlighted many economic and health associated problems triggered by Corona Virus pandemic. While briefing the National Assembly about the measures taken by his government, he criticized the role of opposition.

During the criticism, he cited some mishandlings by preceding governments in which he discoursed the role of PPP’s government in Abbottabad operation. While criticizing the obliviousness of Gilani’s government about the US secret operation he said, “how the US covertly succeed to Martyr Osama bin Laden, without notifying Pakistani officials?”

PM of Pakistan calling Osama martyr, a globally declared terrorist, Al-Qaeda’s former chief, the mastermind of 9/11 and responsible for killing many innocent souls around the world, flickered a global outrage against Khan. Indian journalists and state officials started quoting Khan on many social media platforms.

Social media responded in a versatile way, as usual. There were many who came forward to support Khan. One social media user highlighted the fact that all the allegations on OBL were never got testified and OBL was a freedom fighter.

Another supporter of Khan said the same thing and even denied that fact that OBL was killed in Abbottabad operation and in the end bashed liberals out of nowhere.

A true supporter of PM Khan said why people and news agencies are focusing on one line which is “JUST A SLIP OF TOUNGE” in an hour and 20 minutes long speech. Hmm…!

Some legal experts also came forward in defense of OBL alone and said they don’t need any support from PM khan to defend OBL. Intresting!

One user called it a masterstroke! Hmm. Smart PM.

Well there are also some twitter user who are celebrating it as Khan’s gallantry.

A user claimed he was also hero of United States once (Cold War).


Okay! There were also some users which were confused on how to react on the statement just like majority of Khan’s supporters. Despite the fact, he doesn’t seem Khan’s devotee.  

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There were also some who are disappointed from Khan.

While there were some who compared former PM Gilani with PM Khan and indirectly called PM Khan an autocratic PM.

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Journalist’s reaction:

Some senior journalists also reacted to the statement and condemned it! Like Wajahat S Khan demanded a clarification or an apology!

Another journalist from Dawn highlighted the major crimes in which OBL’s organization Al-Qaeda was involved in Pakistan. Asad Rahim Khan!

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American response so far:

American expert on South Asian affairs highlighted the issue in couple of tweets and demanded a clarification from PM Khan.

He also highlighted OBL’s crimes in Pakistan.

International response:

International independent journalists and diplomats also beheld stunned.

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Indians reaction:

Indians were the ones who seemed to enjoy the statement more than anyone else. Some were mentioning Donald Trump, and some were mentioning US official twitter accounts. How can we overlook Indian media’s response? It was as usual in spreading war mongering and declaring Pakistan a terrorist state. It looked like Khan gave them something to divert their public attention from the failures of the Modi government and once again get back to their most loved topic i.e. Pakistan.

An Indian journalist while using Khan’s words denied the fact that Pakistan even suffered from terrorism in an acerbic way.

India looked like waiting for such blunders by Pakistani officials. We don’t know whether it was a slip of tongue or an intentionally given statement. One thing is for sure that it has damaged Pakistan’s image globally. PM Khan should give amplification on what he said.

In today’s globalizing world where media is hyperactive. And when the world’s second-largest media industry “Indian media” is after you then you should watch your words. As a Prime Minister of Pakistan, now Khan will have to act responsibly with both his words and actions. And we expect from the government to give clarification before any response from Washington. 

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