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How Can You Maintain a Healthy Routine In Quarantine?

Being part of a country, which takes pride in calling itself a “collectivist society”, this accumulative culture of communion has its pros and cons. We are tied to each other with strong bonds of relationships. Sometimes, communicating to people that you need some time by yourself, often does become a struggle.

But as we are going through this global pandemic crisis, everybody does have ample time on their hands. Managing which is getting on our nerves somehow. The social distancing and quarantine have presented their challenges that need to be addressed. One of the major needs is to learn the skill of developing healthy boundaries as a person.

You must be thinking how is this all related to maintaining a boundary? Well, boundary means setting a limit. In our personal lives, we as humans also need to set a limit on how people can behave with us, how we can be treated, and what can people expect from us. This seems too ideal when you have been living in a system where people regularly disrespect your boundary and it’s not considered inappropriate. When we fail to set healthy boundaries for ourselves, we let people make decisions for us without being considerate of our wellbeing, and thus our mental health is constantly at stake because we are more vulnerable now.

Here are some of the ways how you can maintain healthy boundaries in the time of quarantine:

Recognize Your Emotions

How Can You Maintain a Healthy Routine In Quarantine?

It’s okay if you feel that the information that you are receiving from so many social media platforms regarding COVID-19 makes you anxious. Anxiety can manifest in several ways. This can leave you stuck in the loop of going after one piece of information and browsing several links to read about the same topic i.e. current death toll and recoveries.

This can also make you feel agitated and hyperactive. If you feel that something or someone makes you feel certain negative emotions. Accept it and let other people know that this particular kind of information or behavior isn’t good for your mental health. Be vocal about it and let them know!

Ask People To Give You Space:

How Can You Maintain a Healthy Routine In Quarantine?

When everything does take a toll on you. You may feel negative emotions. It’s okay to feel that way. What’s important is that you tell people that although you appreciate people or members of your family telling you to just “be positive”, you will need your time to process your emotions healthily and then come out of it.

Don’t Indulge in Self-blaming

How Can You Maintain a Healthy Routine In Quarantine?

If you feel that things are going out of your hand, don’t blame yourself for it. Whatever you are experiencing, is due to the external circumstances, and holding yourself sane especially when you are on your own is very difficult. You may be thinking that residing inside a home without any external interaction is draining your energy. It’s fine if you feel that way and end up delaying your tasks because of it.

Whatever the celebrities and influencers may teach you about living your life “full” in the quarantine, showcasing their fancy cooking and perfect family time. Only YOU are living your life. It’s okay to give yourself a break. And then start over. Don’t burden yourself with people’s expectations of how you are supposed to pass this time. Meditate and pursue the same thing with a fresh mindset. You have your own timeline.

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