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Facing Depression But Not Sure How to Tackle It? These Tips Are For You!

When you are depressed, you feel enormous and overwhelming sadness. There is excessive fear, worry, and anxiety. There are a number of factors that cause depression and several types of research have discovered that this quarantine period because COVID-19 is stressful for people as life is not the same as it were. If this is the case, these tips for tackling depression can be useful.

Public health actions, such as social distancing make people feel isolated and lonely and it causes stress and anxiety. Fortunately, it is treatable! There are so many factors that can help you out to overcome your depression.

Here are the best tips for tackling depression in Covid 19

Socializing At Home

In order to overcome depression, you have to do things that make you feel better. Spend quality time with your family, talk to them about your feelings so that you may not feel lonely. Have some tea, coffee, or lunch with your family.

Video Call Your Homies

In the quarantine period, I myself have experienced that the more you are socialized the more you feel energized as we cannot go outside on a regular basis until unless it is necessary. Stay connected with your friends on a regular basis via calls, video calls, or messages or you can explore new apps to built connections in exciting ways.

Facebook and Instagram to the Rescue

Video Call or Use Facebook to Connect –

One of the tips for tacking depression is to Start communicating with your other fellows by Question/Answering session available on Instagram and Facebook or you can also do group chats in which you can talk about different topics like history, politics, new trends, your hobbies, or any topic of your interest. You can also watch videos of qualified people or documentaries to gain more knowledge as it is a person’s missing asset.

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Explore Activities Or Learn a New Skill

Another way to keep yourself busy and to reduce your depression is to experience new activities. Pick up any former activity that you always wanted to do but couldn’t spend time on it because of your busy schedule. For example, I was always fond of history-related movies based on true stories but never spend time watching them.

Netflix and Chill

In my quarantine, I started using Netflix which I never used before and I found it very interesting as there are a lot of movies and series available there in different languages along with the subtitles. It’s a one-window solution where you can explore so much and so easily.

Read a Good Book

Read a Good Book in Quarantine – Revelationworld

Although I never liked to read books, lately I found out that I should start reading a book which must not be so lengthy and complicated because if you want to build an interest you should start with a basic and easy choice, for example,

I have started reading the book “Earth Song: Poems and Haikus” by April Green. It’s a mind-bending book consists of short, simple, soulful, thought-provoking poems and haikus describing the inescapable sorrow we often endure before we understand why the birds still sing every morning. Basically Earth Song takes the reader through a lyrical journey of love, grief, depression, survival, and healing.

Cooking in the Nature –

Music, Cooking, and Nature

You can also make a list of activities that boosts up your mood like spend time in nature, if you have pets you can play with your pets, listen to the music, start cooking or baking, start writing or list down what you like about yourself and your love ones and so on and so forth.

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Nurture Your Inner Artist

One of the best ways to tackle your depression is to acknowledge your talents, skills, and strengths. In childhood, we often dreamt of many artistic things like painting, drawing, writing, designing, building things from scratch, and was considered interesting and exciting.

Discover the Hidden Mystero in You

Meditate and Spark Your Creativity –

Unfortunately, as we grow up we forget the hidden artist inside us. As old we get we realize that our occupation should be profitable and quick to pick up. Art is not necessarily that, as it requires a lot of learning, practicing, and overcoming hurdles in order to become a successful person and the financial side of art doesn’t look promising, either.

For that reason, as adults, we tend to work in those areas which are more profitable, and in that way we put our creativity in the dark. However, no matter how busy we get and how old we are we should never kill our creativity for the sake of our work. This is one of the important tips for tackling depression

Let Your Creativity Groom and Bloom

Creativity is something that always nurtures your talent so we should let it flourish. The quarantine period is the best time to nurture your inner artist.  Some of your hobbies can turn into jobs. For example, one of the tips for tackle depression is that many people have good writing skills so you can start writing and keep on practicing and become a content writer.  

Start writing sentences, no matter how random they are. You can start writing a poem, a journal or you may start writing on a paper. Whatever thoughts come in your mind put it on a paper. The best thing is that you start writing about the topics of your interest for example fashion, sports, politics or personal stories, etc.

Start Acting and Take the Plunge

Take the plunge – Revelation World PK

Moreover, if you want to be a painter, start drawing. Buy a notebook and start drawing patterns and learn various techniques. Do not frighten anything, start doing from scratch and you will learn more. I always have a deep interest in fashion and dress designing. I have started creating different makeup looks and some new trending hairstyles. I use to watch makeup and hair tutorials on the internet so this way I can easily learn new techniques. Also, I started working on my dress designing skills, and practically it is more gripping then to just dream of it. This is an era of the internet we can easily find anything on Google and we can learn from it which is really very helpful in real life in every perspective.  


As a matter of fact, if we are suffering from any mental disorder or depression, it is not an easy task to push yourself into the tips for tackle depression, those even pleased you once. Depression cannot be lifted immediately but like all, we know that God helps those who help themselves so only you can help yourself to be a part of these genuine ways.

One should at least start practicing these tips for tackling depression in order to know the difference that how does it actually feels when you fight for your own peace and you might be surprised that how much better you feel when you are out in the world. Even, it is not necessary that you overcome all of the depression or anxiety suddenly but you will feel relaxed and energetic. By practicing all these remedies in your life you will definitely get rid of a mental disorder soon but you need to be determined and consistent.

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