Cyber Bullying|A Growing Problem in the World Today

What is Cyber Bullying problem?

Bullying is the use of force towards a person to threaten, abuse, or aggressive behavior towards others over the internet. Bullying can be one to one or a group bullying also called mobbing in which several people collectively aim to achieve their primary objective that is to harm others mentally, emotionally or it also includes harassment. Cyber Bullying problem is also called as Online Bullying because it is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means.

It has been increasingly common especially among teenagers as technology has advanced and social media usage has expanded. This is more dangerous and atrocious as bullies can target anonymously and hard to trace. People are tormented nonstop whenever they check their electronic devices as they target you via photos, messages, or even through emails.   

Reasons for Cyber Bullying

Everyday cyberbullying impacts are increasing all over the world. This is an inevitable issue and it needs to be addressed among nations because it has an adverse effect on the lives of people. There are so many reasons for cyberbullying. Sometimes people do it because they are bored and they feel it’s entertaining for them but unaware of the fact that how it can destroy the lives of others. Many do it to laugh and create a moment when together with fellows. Some people do it accidentally as they never intend to but they attempt it unknowingly.

Some people intentionally do it to harm others because of the jealousy factor. Jealousy is human nature and this is hard to control and bullies feel like they cannot help themselves so they start bullying others and tempt for pleasure. Vengeance is one of the foremost issues that can be related to bullying. As bullying involves constant insults and threats so when people are exhausted and being a constant victim of bullying, they want to retaliate for the pain they have experienced. They may feel a sense of relief and justified as they assume that nothing wrong in retribution.

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How does the Cyber Bullying problem affect us?

The primary goal of cyberbullying is to increase their own power by reducing the power of someone else. People adopt different ways to harm others that includes teasing, name-calling, inappropriate sexual comments, threatening to cause harm, taunting, etc. Sometimes referred to as relational bullying, involves hurting someone’s reputation or relationships.

It includes leaving someone without any reason; push others not to be friends with someone, spreading bad rumors about someone, embarrassing someone in public. Now the physical bullying is a common issue as well which includes hitting or kicking, spitting, taking of breaking out someone’s things, make mean or rude hand gestures, etc.

Lack of Knowledge Regarding Cyber Bullying

People need to know about the effect of cyberbullying. Unfortunately, this issue has not gained the needed importance in our societies. Why? The internet which only opens the doors for cyberbullying and yet there is not any legislation for cybercrimes.

Why people are more interested in the life of others rather than their own? Why people find it a hot topic to intervene in other’s life? Why don’t they practice remedies in their own lives and throw a suggestion for others? Well, there are a lot more questions related to cyberbullying but unfortunately, nobody knows the significance of such questions and most importantly their answers. Cyberbullying is a catastrophic attack on others.

The Hate in Our Societies

In our society, people kill others in peace with devastating comments. We have so many examples that how people, who have literally no direct concern with public figures hurled nasty comments on social media if he or she decides to marry a person of his or her choice which may look like a mismatch for others.

People start commenting about their lives, their appearance, their dressing and promote pages to spread hate and anger for them. Genuinely it’s not their concern but for their own entertainment, they enjoy bullying and make victims get so comfortable in their pain that they forget that happiness is still an option.

Emotional Effects of Cyber Bullying problem

Cyber Bullying problem affects victims emotionally as it steals their self-confidence, kindness, trust, respect, and nurtures negative feelings like depression, anxiety, and sometimes resorts to suicide. They also provoke to spread rumors and gossip and may even distract others through cyberbullying. That does affect the lives of victims and their minds are captured by negative comments in such a way that it may leave a dark impact on their relationship as well which ends up unexpected results.

This Cyber Bullying problem has not been only observed among social media but also it’s a huge problem among the lives of common people. Nowadays this issue is so regular and we have observed increasing numbers of social accounts either deactivated or they have set their comments section off to avoid nasty comments of people which I believe is a good step but obviously not a permanent solution.      

Cyberbullying effects on our youth and its prevention

Cyber Bullying problem is serious and like any form of bullying, it can have a long term effect on victims. This issue is most common among children’s and it has a dreadful effect on people’s life. Cyberbullying is normally committed by one child and teenager towards other children and teenagers who have access to the internet, email, messages, or any social media app, etc.

As technology continues to become an increasingly large part of our daily lives and so is the cyberbullying has become common and rational. When kids have been bullied we often seek revenge instead of coping with the situation and educate our children about how to tackle and not to adopt this negative behavior. Parents, teachers, and children must work together to prevent cyberbullying. Parents should encourage schools to update their technology policies to help prevent online bullying and should educate children about cyberbullying and its effects.  

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Why is it so important to talk about Cyberbullying?  

It is very much important to talk about bullying and cyberbullying. The more you accept the phenomenon the less you will be controlled by the cause. We all should accept that bullying and its several types exist and this issue is definitely inevitable. We need to recognize the dangers of cyberbullying and take definite steps to prevent it.  It’s all starts with you.  We need to educate ourselves and our children that invading someone’s privacy or intervening in someone’s life is ethically and morally wrong. We as a nation and a human being should work together to eradicate the concept of cyberbullying by taking adequate steps.

Parents should talk regularly and specifically with their children about online issues and educate them that how bullying can affect the lives of others and let them know if they are experiencing any kind of mental illness because of bullying so they can help if anything is inappropriate, upsetting or dangerous. Parents should not overreact if their children are being bullied rather be supportive and understanding.  

It is as important to talk about cyberbullying as the other mental disorders are because it tarnishes the personality of a person. We should make it compulsory and crystal clear that Cyber Bullying is ethically wrong and I believe there should be proper official and legal punishment for those who take it as their primary objective and ruin the people’s life.   


Traditional bullying and Cyber Bullying is a problem in societies that are advanced enough to have the technology to connect with other people online and it is not easily fixable. Cyber Bullying can affect anyone but most commonly found in youth. If we start uprooting this disgusting behavior early in their age, they won’t be able to continue down the path. It is not an easy task to eradicate this awful behavior so easily and it requires a collective effort of parents, teachers, and children. Parents should be aware of what their children are facing and consistent guidance is needed. They should be aware of what their children are doing on the internet; if they see the consistent use of the internet they should keep a check on their children.

If any children are a victim of cyber bullying, we need to motivate our children to train their mind to be stronger than their emotions so they could easily overcome its adverse effect. Elimination of cyber bullying demands a collective effort and cannot be eliminated over night. Government should impose the law that cyber bullying is a crime and there should be a punishment on adapting such crime to discourage this activity.  

We need to educate our minds that it is not our concern what other have chosen for them because it actually doesn’t and our society needs to understand this concept.


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