China Does it Again! India Ousted from Chabahar by Iran.

CHABAHAR: Iran has dropped India from the rail project being developed on Chabahar, citing the delays in funding from the world’s largest democracy.

Almost 4 years ago, the Iranian government decided to initiate the development of the Chabahar project with the collaboration of Indian development agencies. The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi even visited Iran in 2016 to oversee the location, and to build confidence in the Iran regime.

However, citing delays in funding, the Iranian government has recently decided to drop Indian involvement in the project. The latest updates suggest that Iran is likely to develop this project on its own.

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This is something that has a massive strategic implication for the Indian presence in the region as Pakistan is developing the Gwadar port in collaboration with China.

This project was considered to be a strategic move by India to spread its sphere of influence in the region. This rail line was to be built from Chabahar port to the region of Zahedan, along the Afghan border in the north.

Adding insult to injury, the reasons given for this decision cite the lack of interest by the Indian government. According to Iranian authorities, the Indian government has been constantly delayed the funding for the project, and this has negatively impacted its progress.

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In addition to this, analysts now see Iran moving into the Chinese sphere of influence with a $400 bn project being finalized with the PRC. This new deal is considered to be a move towards the beginning of a new partnership between Iran and China, which would have strong strategic implications for India.

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