Capital Development Authority (CDA) Prepares Drive-In Cinema Proposal

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA)—the leading organization responsible for overseeing the development of Islamabad— has made plans to set up a drive-in cinema in order to provide citizens with an outdoor activity while complying with SOP guidelines.

This endeavor is predicted to be successful as it works to alleviate boredom and anxiety that has afflicted many since many recreational activities have come to a halt, on account of the pandemic.

Naveed Tareen, the Director-General of CDA’s Environment Wing is tasked with spearheading this project and reiterates that the purpose of the project is to provide entertainment to the citizens while providing them with a safe space.

According to news sources, the amenity is to become functional as of next month. In accordance with the plan drafted by the CDA, the cinema is to be located either in the vicinity of the Shakarparian Parade Ground or F-9 Park. It is said that views will be able to hear the movies’ audio through the radio sets within their cars. As per a press release issued by the organization, the drive-in cinema is estimated to hold 1,000 cars per show.

It is said the that, initially, films will only be shown during the weekends, but if the effort receives positive feedback, the cinema will be open every alternate day.

The Capital Development Authority is a leading organization in the real estate and development sector in Islamabad. Want to find out more about them? Here is a List of Legal CDA Approved Housing Societies in Islamabad.

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