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Are We Really Fighting for Democracy in Pakistan?

Recently on September 20, Maryam Nawaz Shareef, the daughter of PML-N supreme leader fighting for Democracy in Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef, showed gratitude on a twitter “Thank you social media for pleading and fighting the cause of democracy & rule of law. Pakistan is changing”. Multiparty Conference (MPC) was held in Islamabad On September 20, 2020, in which leaders from the oppositions (PMLN, PPP, JUIF, ANP) attended.  

The United Opposition Parties claimed to be the enthusiastic supporter of Democracy in Pakistan by desecrating the current government as “Selected” and the involvement of the Army in the Politics.

Calling the Prime Minister Imran Khan (PMIK) as selected, while claiming the battle lines drawn are not against the PMIK but against the power that brought Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) into the government. The PTI has claimed victory in General Elections 2018 by winning the majority of seats. Ever since PTI came into power, the leaders from (PMLN, PPP, JUIF, ANP, and allies) joined hands and accused the current government as selected one while throwing aspersions on Pakistan Army and its involvement.

The so-called enthusiastic supporters of democracy forgot to mention that the high officials of the institutions they are throwing aspersions were appointed by PMLN’s government itself. Be it the Ex-Chief of Army General Rahil Sharif or be it the Current Chief of Army General Qamar Javed Bajwa, in a video speech from Supremo leader of PMLN, slandered the high official’s Military involvement in Politics while claiming they are against it.

The popular slogan “VOTE KO IZZAT DOU” which PMLN opted to in General Elections 2018 and Nawaz Shareef made Twitter debut became aphonic back in January 2020, the opposition supported the bill related the extension of General Qamar Javed Bajwa till November 29, 2021.

Apart from Military establishment, Ex-Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar was also appointed and approved by the PMLN government, which later dismissed Nawaz Shareef in July 2017. Moreover, the Chairman of National Accountability Bureau Justice Javed Iqbal was also appointed by them also.

According to the leaders of the opposition, Pakistan is being missed managed for more than 3 decades but the truth is for 15 years they themselves were the part of the system they are accusing. The acrimony in the speeches against the system is a system made by the opposition themselves.

Muhammad Nawaz Shareef entry into the politics was itself accidental and very unexpected, the enthusiastic guardian of democracy himself was brought into politics by Dictator Gen. Zia ul Haq to counter the popularity of the Pakistan People’s Party and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in Punjab because the politics of Bhutto was more popular in Punjab than in Sindh.

Mian Muhammad Shareef the father of Nawaz Shareef was an apolitical businessman fighting for Democracy in Pakistan whose industries were nationalized by Bhutto and to protect his business he became anti-Bhutto and agreed on the request of Gen Jillani to cooperate with Zia’s martial law authorities and handed both of his sons to be trained and launched. Before stigmatizing the image of the military establishment the supremo leader who is fugitive itself started his political career under autocracy.

The leaders of the Opposition united to oust the current Prime Minister Imran Khan and its government used to blame each other back in the 1990s, due to which the decade from 1989-1999 is termed as the “the era of dirty politics”. The leaders of the opposition are convicted of corruption charges and are facing court trials they are using the term “Fight for the cause Democracy” to safeguard their own personal interests and their personal empires by gaining the sympathy and empathy of the masses and making the institutions of Pakistan egregious.

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