A TikToker’s Father Gets Murdered: Where is Imran Khan’s Justice?

Before coming into power, Imran Khan used to frequently cite a quotation of Hazrat Ali (R.A) that “A system of Kufr can operate in a society, but a system of injustice can never”.

This quotation has been used as one of the major slogans of Imran Khan ever since he has started appearing in politics. However, the application of this slogan in the country seems to be a far cry amidst the killing of a popular rapper and tiktoker’s father.

A TikToker’s Father Gets Murdered: Where is Imran Khan’s Justice?

Referred to as Ghani Tiger in the tiktok world, this rapper uploaded a video clip on social media where he narrated the story of his father’s death. With a devasted tone of voice and a frightened face, this teenager asked for justice. This tiktoker belongs to a small town named Pasrur in the Sialkot District.

He has claimed that he and his father had never threatened or caused harm to the life and liberty of anyone. But despite of this, Ghani Tiger claimed that his father along with his brother were shot at by members of an organization named as ATI Pasrur. The names of two individuals were claimed to be Ghulam Nabi and Talha But. Ghani’s brother survived the attack, but his father could not survive and died at the spot.

Although this event requires detailed investigation, but it is devastating to hear about this incident. This video has gone viral, and it is likely that the government will take action. The rapper repeatedly urged the government to give him justice and take appropriate action against the accused. But this event has raised some serious questions regarding the security situation in the country even though terrorism has been eradicated.

Firstly, what if this individual was not popular at the first place? Would he be listened to by the government and local administration?

And secondly, what are measures taken by the government to de-weaponize influential groups which exists in almost all towns and cities in Pakistan?

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Hamza Yaqoob

Hamza Yaqoob is a Pakistani author and journalist. He is an IR Graduate with expertise in South China Sea affairs. He is the Editor-in-chief of Revelation World PK, and currently working as a Senior Technical Writer at a Real Estate firm in Islamabad.

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