3 Mega Projects in Islamabad Handed Over to BRT Peshawar Construction Firm

ISLAMABAD: According to a recent update, the construction firm in charge of the BRT Peshawar project has won the construction rights of 3 newly planned mega projects in Islamabad.

Although the bids for these projects were estimated to be much higher, but the Maqbool Associates-Calsons construction company still managed to win the contract at the lowest bids.

The projects have been inaugurated by PM Imran Khan, and the construction work is about to begin in a few weeks. These 3 projects include PWD Underpass, Korang Bridge, and the Rawal Dam Interchange. In addition to this, a number of sectors in the Federal Capital are also planned to undergo construction and development.

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A number of analysts have linked this contract with the Ashiana Housing Scheme in which NAB has claimed that Shahbaz Sharif had used his influence to oust Calsons Firm of their rights to develop the project. However, winning this project at the lowest bid raises some eyebrows over the merit criteria set by the government.

On the other hand, Calsons as a firm became prominent in the construction sector with the successful development and reconstruction of Islamabad Highway. However, the failure to complete BRT Peshawar in the allocated time and funding portrays a highly incompetent and negative image of the company.

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Hence, the government has to ensure transparency in this case and come out with a proper explanation for this decision as it can impact the overall economy, industry, and population of the Capital city of Pakistan.

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Hamza Yaqoob

Hamza Yaqoob is a Pakistani author and journalist. He is an IR Graduate with expertise in South China Sea affairs. He is the Editor-in-chief of Revelation World PK, and currently working as a Senior Technical Writer at a Real Estate firm in Islamabad.

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